KerPlunk! ® A Game of Skill

21.08.2012     PGCS   No comments

Keeping in the spirit of summer fun, Class 2 teacher, Ms. Linda Cook incorporates enjoyable, interesting lessons in her classroom that sometimes comes from student’s own experiences. Last summer, Patrick, who went to summer camp, learned about a game called KerPlunk®. The game involves pulling sticks from underneath a set of plastic balls. Based on Patrick’s description, Ms. Cook purchased materials to make a large scale version of the game.

With the materials laid out on the table, the students figured out the steps needed to build the game. This process allowed the students to practice problem solving and following multi-step directions. After they finished building the game, the class played and had fun. KerPlunk® provides our students with the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills and engage in social interaction.

If you want to learn more about Patrick and his time at summer camp, look for our upcoming annual report. Email gittor@chambersschool.org and to join our mailing list to always be updated about the happenings at P.G. Chambers School.

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