MUSIC: Creative Arts at PGCS

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Music is intended to be shared, experienced, and enjoyed by all. As in all of the creative arts programs at P.G. Chambers School, music provides new tools for communication, self-expression, and learning. Each student in the school, from Kids Count Child Care to the middle school students, participate in music classes. The music curriculum includes vocal warm-ups and singing, musical instruments, some adapted to allow greater access for students with physical challenges, to dancing and the dancing wheels group. There is something for every child in music.


Teacher Margey Dwyre leads the music education program at PGCS and is inspired every day by her students, their enthusiasm, and their love of learning. Twice each year, the school hosts a themed winter and spring musical. This past December, “Winter Wonderland Show” premiered on December 20th for standing room only performances at 10 am and 1 pm.


For eight weeks, the children and staff work together on the music, choreography , and staging to prepare for a wonderful show. Margey guides the children and give them the opportunity to access music in many forms from using an iPad to feeling the organic vibration of a drum. Every student has role and participates based on his or her choices.
Watch for our Facebook announcement of the Spring Concert – all are welcome.


Students frequently appear to be having fun while they are making music because music IS fun (though not easy). Music can portray any mood, and it takes a special, interested person in order to make it good. Music is very important to education.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”
Victor Hugo.

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