P.G. Chambers School Modification Plan

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P.G. Chambers School Plan to Re-Open Following Extended School Closure

Updated: 12/10/2020 Previously Updated: 11/23/2020

Given the current status of CDC and DOH recommendations as well as the current status of staff

P.G. Chambers School will remain virtual for all students through the holiday season and for the
first two weeks of January. Students who have chosen on-site services will return to the building
on Tuesday, 1/19/2021, following the Martin Luther King holiday.  All on-site classes will be held
from 9:00-1:00 Monday through Friday.  This is a schedule change from the previous hybrid model of
3 days on-site and 2 days virtual.  This change offers all students the opportunity to access
education and related services on-site for 4 hours per day.

P.G. Chambers School updated our Re-opening Plan on 11/23/2020 to reflect measures taken in
response to current levels of community spread, reflected in the northwest region’s Level Orange
(high risk) designation, and the impact of increased COVID-19 cases on our students and personnel.
The school was advised by our School Medical Director and local Department of Health to return to
all virtual instruction for a minimum of two weeks after Thanksgiving weekend.  P.G. Chambers
School returned to all virtual education and related services effective 11-30- 2020.  The school
administrative staff, in consult with our medical team, have determined that the school cannot be
opened safely from 12/14/20 until the holiday break given the number of personnel quarantining due
to COVID-19. In addition, given the high rate of community spread and the anticipated post
year-end holiday break spike, we will continue with all virtual learning until Tuesday, January 19,

All families and personnel have been asked to re- assess needs related to virtual instruction. All
equipment clinics will remain open on an appointment basis.

Classroom Schedules will be modified to address five days on-site to include:

School Age Rotations in 30 minute blocks

Warm up and class meeting PE


Creative Writing/Speaking Literature

Science Therapeutic Lunch Social Studies


Warm up and class meeting




Preschool Reading

Preschool Math

Therapeutic Lunch


The 5 days of on-site instruction and related services necessitates changes to our building
protocols as follows:

• Some of our classes will no longer have an adjacent therapy room and will share a bathroom
with the adjacent class. P.G. Chambers School will designate alternate spaces for therapies
divided by class. Classroom assignments will be determined to minimize the number of students
sharing a bathroom. Additional cleaning protocols will be implemented.

• Personnel will remain in the building after student dismissal to clean all surfaces, toys
etc.  Additional cleaning protocols will be implemented.

All other elements of the plan submitted on11/23/2020 remain the same.


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