Kevin Pearce Discovers P.G. Chambers School!

DSC_1334P.G. Chambers School is no ordinary school. Inside the walls of P.G. Chambers School, magic happens. This magic is called happiness. And what is Happiness to you? “Happiness is the joy you feel  on the way to discovering your potential.” At P.G. Chambers School, we strive to help each child discover his and her unique potential, and Menus for the Mind Lecture Luncheon provides funding just for that. On Thursday, November 12, 2015, Kevin Pearce was able to discover his groove,  his creativity, his voice, and of course his happiness with the students at the 21st Annual Menus for the Mind Fall luncheon. Although our students may have challenges each day, they are  children who inspire us, they are the reason many of us wake up in the morning, and they are on their very own journey to discovering their unique potential.

Watch Kevin discover his groove!


A little history about Menus for the Mind…

Menus for the Mind began 21 years ago when PGCS parents and friends joined forces in the hopes of raising money on a continuous basis for the children of P.G. Chambers School. They had surveyed a broad range of women’s organizations- professional, social, civic, and schools, to decide who would be their target group. That target group of women who were sophisticated, knowledgeable, and community minded became the root of a tree that blossomed and continues to blossom year after year.

Kevin’s Journey at P.G. Chambers School…
2On November 12, 2015, Kevin Pearce, his brother, Adam, and girlfriend, Rose, met the students of P.G. Chambers School. Kevin and Adam were amazed at the students abilities and the joy they could see on the students’ faces. As Kevin said, “There is something so unique about this place, I have never seen a school like this!” 


5Kevin walked  the halls of P.G. Chambers School as if he knew every staff member and every child for years. Kevin’s genuine manner  was felt by everyone who attended. The energy in the air was electric as Kevin made connections with people young and old. Here, Kevin is with PGCS speaker, Emily Smith. Kevin and Emily instantly connected when Kevin spoke about his brother, David, who also has Down syndrome. According to David, the correct term is “Up syndrome” because he is always up! Emily seemed to take a liking to the term and thoroughly enjoyed her time getting to know Kevin and his crew.

Kevin’s message…

Kevin was at the top of his sport as a world class professional snowboarder in 2009, when he sustained a traumatic brain injury while training for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. On the road to recovery, he transformed his unfortunate position to that of a fortunate one. He used his brain injury as a source of inspiration, education, and awareness. To learn more about his story click here to read Kevin Pearce’s Interview with HipNJ. and visit his website at LoveYourBrain.


Honestly, this article could run on and on simply because of all the good that came out of those swift two hours. Kevin’s message to everyone is to embrace who you are and stop negative thinking, what he called A.N.Ts These ANTS are Antagonistic Negative Thoughts- and guess what? everyone has them. Let’s follow in Kevin’s footsteps and transform negative situations into positive ones, and to see light in times of darkness. Our brain empowers us to think, to act, and to be…after all, it is the most important piece of equipment that we have.

Oh, and did I mention, Kevin is also a professional auctioneer…


 Thank you to our co-chairs, Jerry Rose and Joanne Balady for your continued passion year after year.

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