New Year, New Power Players

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New Year, New Power Players! This month we want to thank all the Power Players for their dedication to the Power of 60 campaign including a special spotlight on Erin Martin.

Erin took to social media and the internet to share her story and support the Powerof60 campaign. Below is the email and Facebook post that Erin shared with family and friends, in italics, as well as photos of Erin with our amazing students. She shared, “All it took was 10 minutes, I felt so good to be sharing the PGCS mission and celebrate our 60th anniversary.” To-date Erin has raised $306 for the Powerof60 Campaign and continues to encourage her friends via social media and email to become Power Players.

This is the Power of 60 Campaign.
In honor of my school’s 60th anniversary we are building on the legacy of our founders- a small group of parents that wanted a better life for their children with disabilities. All it takes is a small group of dedicated people to make a difference. The money generated from this campaign allows us to provide smart boards, to provide the newest technology that allows non-verbal students to communicate, it enables our school to have the BEST therapy and education programs and the list goes on. 10931346_10152823163428600_9107770447710304934_n

These children have touched my heart and changed my perception on children with disabilities. I do not walk downstairs and feel sad because honestly- these are some of the happiest children I know. Although my job gets tough and stressful at times- I love that my hard work is making a difference.  To put it simply- these children have changed my life, and for that I am thankful! 
Join me in making a difference!
Donate here: http://pgchambers.wpengine.com/powerof60.html10934004_10152823163423600_7575035226561177195_n

Here’s How It Works: Make a gift of $6, $60, or any gift you please!
Ask 6 friends or relatives to match your gift, building your second tier
Ask those 6 people to ask 6 of their friends to match their gifts, building your third tier Ask those 6 people to ask 6 more friends to match their gifts, building your fourth tier. It’s just that simple!

Click here for more info on how to donate, create a team, and become a power player! Thank you to all the Power Players #powerof60


Ian Agrafiotis
Nancy Altshuler
Shep Altshuler
Karen Amidon
Kitty Angulo
Francisco Arteaga
Frank Asbaty
Tina Baker
Joanne Balady
Helen Bao
Barbara H. Barkley
Nicole Barone
Jane E. Bauer
Jennifer Becker
Kerry Bergman
Eileen K. Bevan, D.C.
Kelly Bretz
Anthony Bonanno
Pat Budis
Maya Buono
Lisa Brown
Kris Burfitt
Michelle Burke
Darlene Canete
Amanda Carter
Barbara Carter
Jennifer Carter
Patti Chambers
Nancy Chan
Sarah Clark
Michele D. Codrington
Jon Collins
Brian E. Cox
Peter M. Crimi
Crossfit Lake Arowhead, LLC
Andrew Cruz
Al Daily
Christine Dam
Julia D’Amico
Caroline Daus
Jaroslava Dearstyne
Vanessa DeMarmels
Phoebe Desantis
W. Dobbs
Stephanie F. Donato
Lesley Draper
Diane Dwyre
Elaine Dwyre
Margey Dwyre-Daily
John Daily
Dara A. Ely
Kristine Z. Emmitt
Christian Ericson
Angela Fahey
Carolyn Fahey
Chris Favorito
Gene F. Fitzpatrick
Barb Flynn
Colette Fraenkel
Deena Freid
Austin Gabrielli
Tom Gargiulo
Christine Gilfillan
Siobhan Gilfillan
Joan Gillis
Martha Gilmore
Errol T. Giordano
Renee Gitto
Bill Grassmyer
Abbie Greenberg
Rosa M. Greenwaldt
Anne Grimes
Dennis Gustafson
Colleen Halvorsen
Dana M. Hall
Daniel Harbison
Jeff Harmon
Nancy Haroldson
Chris Haroldson
Kiera A. Hartnet
William Haskel
Carly Hasseler
Kristin Hassett
Deirdre M. Hatfield
Christina Hayes
Dawn Hearne
Healthcor Foundation
Karen Hertel-Koenig
Linda Hogoboom
Janet Hughes
Amber Hummer
David Hurwitz
Eileen Huth
Connee Hyle
Robert C. Iannaccone
Deborah Ingersoll
Dana Ingoglia
Robert Ingoglia
Brenda S. Jaarsma
Unjeria C. Jackson, MD
Mark Jezyk
Diane Judge
Linda Kaugher
Connie Keller
JoEllen Kelly
Laura Kijanka
Spence Killam
Elit Kirschenbaum
Julie Koehn
Kristina Kiviharju
Susan C. Kloss
Elizabeth Kraft
Lauren Kramer
Lindsay A. Kramer
Steve Kramer
Susan Kuiken
Katelyn Kung
Carrie Kurtzman
Andrew Lapsley
Catherine Lasso
Catherine Lee
Pui Lee
Diane Leiher
Christine Lenthe
Jason Lerner
Carrie Leshin
Brian Lewis
Reagan Limbert
Salvatore Locascio
Susan Lodge
Donna Lohmeyer
Jason Lysherko
Christina Macasieb
Anthony Maceroli
Thomas Maisano
Michael Malan
Shamila and Ziad Malik
Sharmin Malik
Lacey Malloy
Erin Manahan
Erin Martin
Kevin Martin
Frances McCarthy
The MCJ Amelior Foundation
Joan M. McKenna
Marylyn L. McLaughlin
Brad Mehl
Lynn Miller
Leslie Minsch
Carey A. Mirenda
Kathy Molnar
Amanda Montrose
Shameika Morant
Paul Morfogen
Morne Family
Mount Freedom Printing
John R. Mulhearn
Mulhearn Family Charitable Fund
Alison Murray
Adrienne Myeroff
Kevin Myeroff
Randy Myeroff
Kelly Faber Myerson
David Nakamura
Roy L. Nye
Mary Lou Orr
Anna Pace
Lynne T. Pagano
Robert Pakonis
Mindy Papetti
Carolyn Pascale
Elizabeth Paulino
Neil Paulino
Maura Penna
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts
Aileen Philbrick
Martha J. Philbrick
Michael Philbrick
Anna Philhower
Rosanne Pignio
Lynne B. Pinto
Frances L. Powell
Caitlin Rienzi
Sharon Romano
Linda S. Russell
Sue Rehnquist
Marianne W. Saladino
Wendy Sanford
Joseph Scacciaferro
Susan D. Seamans
Calvin T. Shen
Timothy Shen
Jessica Simao
Nadine O. Simms
Kristin Simonini
Nancy Sniffen
Kristen Snyder
Lenka and Pavel Srnensky
Tiffany and Pavel Srnensky
Christopher Stepien
Vojtek Surowiec
Becky Tate
Michael J. Thunell
Naima Thompson
Sharita D. Thompson
Thameka Thompson
Maireace Togneri
Uta Totton
Aaron Turner
Angela Valerio
Laura Valerio
Michael Valerio
Debra Van Fleet
Lisa Vanderhoof
Danielle Viola
David Wang
Andrew Waters
Therese Weiss
Margaret Whelan
Mike Winters
Holli Wright
Carolyn Young
Nicholas Zaky
Betsy Zindel

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