Happy Retirement Diane!

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HAPPY RETIREMENT: After a 17-year career as Accountant for PGCS, Diane Thomas bid us farewell yesterday to begin her retirement. By title, Diane has been our accountant, but we all know she’s done so much more—managing the school’s investments, preparing financial reports, dealing with human resource issues, securing good health insurance, and working events are just a few of her many gifts to all of us. Although we will miss her, we wish her well as she plans to spend time with family and friends and celebrate the birth of her first grandchild!

20150115_121914The staff and some of our board members including president, Dr. Unjeria C. Jackson and Treasurer, Lori Solomon along with our executive director, Susan Seamans gathered yesterday to celebrate Diane and wish her well. From the creative poster to the original poem below, our staff arranged for many wonderful surprises. It was a wonderful afternoon. Thank you Diane for everything!20150115_120847

The adding machine has been totaling; the spread sheet is formula-filled.Where can we put Rick, the auditor?  Jenny, is everything billed?

Holed up with Siobhan and Jenny; getting ready to head out the door.
Training the” next generation” to do what I’m doing and more. 

Human Resources and Finance; consulting with Susan and Rick.
Listen, the fire alarm’s blaring; better get out of here quick.
Finding the supporting documents; justifying the total expense
Where is last month’s bank statement; these numbers just don’t make much sense!

Advising the staff on insurance before their new babies arrive,
The Tarpey Group, Horizon, and Unum, helping the staff here survive
Putting the pieces together to make Human Resources run,
Retirements, disability and hiring, the paperwork is just so much fun! 

On the personal side there are Vinnie, and Jeter and Zoe, the cats;
Keri and Brian in Newington; the Yankees and all their at bats,
Retiring means days home with Vinnie or travelling and following my team.
Not coming to work in the morning, how odd that is going to seem. 

Looking forward to my retirement, with so many good things to come
However, it’s tough to get ready, so many things to be done.
One thing will be the most special, and certainly will be so much fun.
Visiting my daughter in Newington and holding my brand new grandson!


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