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Technology at P.G. Chambers School

Technology has changed the way schools teach and children learn. P.G. Chambers School supports students in using technology effectively and dedicates maximum resources to sustaining its technology effort as one of the most powerful tools for teaching.

*Support from the Summit Area Public Foundation (SAPF) in 2018, allowed PGCS to purchase assistive technology, including the G-Walk Mobile Gait Analysis system, the EyeGaze Education bundle, and the Chat Fusion 10. Thank you, SAPF for supporting innovations in special education and related services!

The Process

Each student has a technology assessment to determine individual needs, identify the appropriate technology supports, and make effective adaptations. A team of technology experts including, educators, physical, occupational, and speech therapists problem-solve and customize a system of technology that is least restrictive, effective, easy to use, and cost-efficient.

The Tools

All classrooms at P.G. Chambers School are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including SMART™ innovations, interactive, height adjustable, whiteboards, that are linked to computers, present lessons using a wide-range of software, and have internet access. Multi-sensory, interactive lessons using SMART™ technology, help students learn through movement, touch, writing, and sound. Mobile, adjustable SMART Boards™ and a SMART Table™ are available throughout the building and are used to facilitate interactive small group instruction and collaborative learning. Classrooms and public spaces area also equipped with voice enhancement systems to help students focus and attend to lessons.

Other mainstream digital technologies, particularly iPads™ and tablets, spark student creativity, interest, and motivation. For example, by learning to access and navigate an iPad™ or other voice output device, students can initiate conversations, share their opinions, and connect with students in other schools. All of our students have access to iPads™ that are loaded with numerous educational and communication “apps” and have external wireless keyboards to allow for many forms of access. Wireless access is available throughout the school building.

P.G. Chambers School approach to technology for teaching is uniquely enhanced by the therapist and teacher collaboration to adapt and modify mainstream technology for each individual student, for example, a fourth grade student may be browsing the web on a computer mounted with an ergotron arm which allows for the touch screen to be positioned at the right height and angle for independent access.


  • Computer lab
    • Assistive technology library
    • Switches
    • Adaptive keyboards
    • Adaptive joysticks
    • Software
    • Other accessibility tools
  • Lending library
    • Assistive and augmentative technology
  • Computer literacy instruction
    • Keyboarding and mouse skills
    • Navigating the web
    • Exploring applications
    • Instructing families in technology to apply in the home

Technology and the Curriculum

All students at P.G. Chambers School use technology for enhancing their abilities to speak, write, and access the curriculum. The students are expected to meet the highest standards for learning and to access grade level core curriculum content standards. Technological supports provide the means for adapting, individualizing, and delivering instruction.

Technology is used to reinforce academic skills, foster independence, and encourage individual and collaborative play. For example, on any given day, our preschool students may be gathered around a SmartTable™ classifying objects by shape, color, and size. Our Mathematics program uses a digital textbook that students can access using their iPads™ or laptops. Progress is tracked online and assessment information guides future skill development.

P. G. Chambers School guiding principles for technology:

  • Students use technology to access the curriculum and enhance instruction.
  • Technology supports the students in meeting the highest standards for learning.
  • Students use least restrictive mainstream technology as a first choice.
  • Technology is a tool for learning regardless of students’ skill levels.
  • Technology helps students increase their confidence.
  • Students use technology spontaneously and competently throughout their day.

To view our Assistive Technology brochure, please click here.

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