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Therapy Services

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A key component of P.G. Chambers School mission is to support children with disabilities in their communities. To fulfill this, P.G. Chambers School staff provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy, or related services, in public and private schools.

In addition to the school’s certification as a Private School for the Handicapped, P.G Chambers School is an Approved Clinic and Agency of the NJ Department of Education and meets all of the requirements of Chapter 14, Special Education, New Jersey Administrative Code, Title 6A, Education. Based on this certification, the school can provide a wide range of therapy and education services to the community.

Related Services are provided according to NJ Special Education Code (NJAC 6A:14) the school Code Ch 14 –Special Education NJAC Title 6A: Related Services.

“…shall be provided to a student with a disability when required for the student to benefit from the education program” 6A:14-3.9(a)

Therapy services may be integrated into the context of ongoing activities and routines and provided by personnel set forth in the students IEP. 6A:14 3.9 (a) 10.

All school related services providers must have the NJ School Certificate as well as their professional license to provide services in the educational environment.

The professional staff of administrators, teachers, and therapists at P.G. Chambers School have considerable expertise in the wide range of services needed to deliver special education and therapies to students with disabilities.

Therapy and educational consultation are also provided to child care centers, other agencies and organizations, and individuals. These services are available in a range of formats, from a one-time evaluation, consultation, training, or therapy session to a full contract extending over a longer period of time.

These services are provided through contract services or private individual consultation and therapy.

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