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Physical Therapy

“At P.G. Chambers School, students not only learn to move but move to learn.”

Physical therapists work with students to reach their full potential by promoting mobility and function while minimizing impairments. Students not only learn to move but move to learn. Students move throughout the day with the supports necessary to be successful, achieving independence in accessing the curriculum, and navigating the school environment. Because movement enhances learning, our physical therapists design an individual movement plan for each student. Each plan incorporates the use of both adaptive and assistive equipment to create and maintain overall wellness and fitness. In addition, physical therapists also provide valuable information and training to families regarding the management of their children’s physical disabilities.

The school’s physical therapy program includes:

  • Activities to develop gross motor skills
  • Individualized movement plans to help navigate the classroom, school, and community
  • Therapeutic exercises to improve strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility
    • The school has specialized treadmills to provide partial weight gait training and maintains an inventory of traditional and innovative walkers, standers, and powered wheelchairs.
  • Use of adapted equipment, orthoses, and assistive technology to facilitate independence and mobility
    • Students use standers and walkers so that they can be upright with their peers during math, science, reading, and all aspects of the curriculum.
  • Information and training for families in the management of physical disabilities
  • Instruction in skills important for lifelong fitness and participation in play and recreational activities

Specialized services offered by the physical therapy at P.G. Chambers School include:

  • Equipment Clinic to help families address adapted equipment needs
  • Orthotics Clinic to provide assessment, consultation, and guidance regarding the use of orthoses, braces, and therapeutic taping
  • Aquatic Physical Therapy Program using the fun environment of a pool to help children achieve their therapy goals


The physical therapists at P.G. Chambers School are licensed professionals with advanced education and experience working with children from birth through adolescence. As clinical coordinators, senior therapists, and staff therapists, the majority of physical therapists on staff have training in Neuro-developmental Treatment (NDT) and the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties certifies all physical therapists as Pediatric Clinical Specialists. Physical therapists participate in continuing education and professional development activities to provide current, comprehensive and evidence-based physical therapy services.

For further information contact director of physical therapy, Holli Schult, at SchultH@chambersschool.org


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