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Community Services

P.G. Chambers School is a provider of choice for public and private schools needing on-site related services and educational consultation for students with disabilities. PGCS contracts with schools to provide evaluations and direct services in speech language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and assistive technology; learning and educational consultations to teachers and child study teams; and in-service training for staff and parent groups.

School staff work collaboratively with the school district staff and are an integral part of the child study team. Contracts may be short or long-term, and are specifically designed and customized to meet the needs of students with disabilities attending the contracting schools. Contracts may provide a solution for schools to cover family leave, staffing shortages, or when particular expertise is required for a child to participate and benefit from his or her Individual Education Plan (IEP). There is a wide range of services offered from individual therapy to student evaluations and school consultations. Our expertise in assistive technology, augmentative and alternativecommunication, and complex feeding challenges makes us uniquely qualified to provide these services to students with disabilities.

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P.G. Chambers School develops contracts with schools to provide:

  • Evaluations
    • Speech-language pathology, including augmentative and assistive communication
    • Occupational therapy, including sensory integration, splinting and adaptations, and environmental design
    • Physical therapy, including accessibility, adaptive seating and equipment, adapted physical education programs, and environmental design
  • Direct services, including:
    • Speech/language services
    • Occupational therapy
    • Physical therapy
  • Consultation
  • In-service training to staff and parent groups

Contract Therapy

Each contract is specifically designed and customized to meet the needs of students with disabilities attending the contract schools.

  1. Contact Kristin Young PT, DPT, Director of Community Services YoungK@chambersschool.org or at 973-829-8484
  2. Site visit to potential contract school
  3. Develop Letter of Agreement between PGCS and contract school

The Letter of Agreement includes:

  • Start and end date of contract
  • Hours per week that services will be provided
  • Type of therapy services (occupational, physical, or speech therapy)
  • Scope of services, i.e., individual or small group therapy, classroom consultation, consultation with families and school personnel, teacher training, IEP annual review and progress reports
  • Responsibilities of P.G. Chambers School
  • Responsibilities of contract school
  • Fees
  • PGCS contact information

P.G. Chambers School makes every effort to accommodate contracts with schools in fulfillment of our mission that each child will have the skills to be included in a general education setting at the appropriate time.

P.G. Chambers School has contracts with a number of local public and private schools and is pleased to provide references upon request.

To view the Community Services brochure, click here.

To view the fees of service for 2023-2024, click here.

To begin the process or for more information contact Director of Community Services, Kristin Young PT, DPT at YoungK@chambersschool.org

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