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Program Description

Student teachers participate in a fieldwork assignment at the undergraduate and graduate levels (full or part-time basis) working in a classroom with a cooperating certified special education teacher.


  • Eligible for Special Education and Related Services
  • Multiply Disabled Classification
  • Ages 3-14 years

Program Highlights

  • SPIRE , Reading Milestones, Functional Sight Word, Technology Reading Group
  • Enhance subject matter as they relate to Core Curriculum Content Standards
  • Harcourt Everyday Math
  • Integrated therapy approach in the classroom
  • Participate in Alternate Proficiency Assessments (APA)
  • Assistive and Alternate Communication in the classroom

Helpful Coursework

  • Typical and atypical development
  • Assessment
  • Classroom management
  • Technology

Professional Organization

For more information about NJ requirements for student teaching, please check the following website.


Heather Gilliland, Principal at gillilandh@chambersschool.org

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