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Students enrolled in the private school often have a complex, interrelated set of health-related needs, resulting from physical disabilities, chronic medical conditions, or both. The nurse works with the student’s multidisciplinary team, to assist the team, particularly the teacher, in understanding the child’s diagnosis, medical, and health needs and how these needs impact on the child’s school experience.

The nursing staff duties include:

  • administering medications
  • daily tube feedings for children with this need
  • monitoring daily health and wellness of all students
  • communicating illness and other health concerns to families
  • monitoring students’ weight losses and gains

Communication with Families

Along with their relationships with the student and the teams, the nurses provide a direct line of communication with families, offering information and resources.The nursing staff;

  • help parents understand diagnosis and medical terms, and search for medical resources
  • offer parents the extraordinary comfort of knowing that the students’ medical needs will be met during their time at school

School-wide, the nursing staff are responsible for establishing and maintaining an environment of optimal health and safety. They conduct and monitor the efficiency of fire and evacuation drills, educate staff on universal precautions, CPR, and other health and safety issues, and provide information on health alerts and precautions.

Dedicated Nursing Team

P.G. Chambers School employs a team of three full-time and one part-time New Jersey Certified school nurses who have particular expertise, experience, and education in caring for a wide range of infants, children, and adolescents who have multiple disabilities. The nursing staff follows and complies with the requirements of the “New Jersey Guidelines for School Nurses”.

For further information, please contact director of nursing, Angela Housel, BSN, RN, CSN at HouselA@chambersschool.org

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