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Occupational Therapy

“A student’s occupation at school is to learn and develop skills needed to succeed in life.”

Occupational therapy at P.G. Chambers School facilitates the students’ access to the curriculum and the physical environment. Through occupational therapy, students

  • increase their functional independence
  • learn and apply new skills in real situations
  • use adapted classroom tools
  • manage their physical and sensory environment

Providing a Comprehensive, Integrated Approach

Occupational therapists use therapeutic strategies, interventions, adaptations, and innovative techniques to improve students’

  • fine motor and visual motor coordination skills
  • bilateral coordination skills
  • visual perceptual skills
  • sensory processing and integration
  • daily living and self care skills
  • access to technology

Therapists work with students throughout the school day in the classrooms, in groups, and individually. Working on classroom teams, therapists integrate occupational therapy into lesson plans.

Specialized services offered by occupational therapy include:

  • Sensory Integrative Evaluation/Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT)
  • Neuro-developmental techniques (NDT)
  • Handwriting without Tears™ and other handwriting programs
  • Splinting and adaptations
  • Access to and use of technology
  • Environmental access evaluation and environmental modifications
  • Aquatic Occupational Therapy
  • Brain Gym Groups
  • Fine and Visual Motor Interventions

Professional Expertise

Occupational therapists at the P.G. Chambers School are licensed professionals who specialize in the assessment and treatment of children. Continuing education, as well as evidence-based practice, is highly recognized and encouraged within the department. Our therapists are trained in neuro-developmental and sensory integrative treatment, visual impairments, strategies, and interventions.

Specific skills include SIPT Certification and Therapeutic Listening Training.

For further information, contact occupational therapy director, Dawn Hearne at hearned@chambersschool.org.

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