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Therapy at P.G. Chambers School

Therapy at P.G. Chambers School is integrated into the student’s day using a variety of approaches. Each classroom operates with a team that includes a physical, occupational, and speech therapist as well as an educator and teaching assistants.

As often as appropriate therapeutic strategies, interventions, adaptations, and techniques are used with students within the classroom and integrated into lesson plans during the school day. Students also participate in individual therapy and in small groups, and therapists provide consultative services to classroom teams and families.

Occupational therapy at P.G. Chambers School facilitates the students’ access to the curriculum and the physical environment. Occupational therapists work with students to increase their functional independence, to learn and apply new skills in real situations, and to manage the physical and sensory environment. Therapists also adapt and modify classroom tools to improve accessibility.

Through speech and language therapy in the classrooms and in individual sessions, students learn to use a wide variety of communication approaches and typically include a combination of verbal and nonverbal language strategies. The priority of the speech therapist is to ensure that each child has an effective means of communication.

Physical therapy ensures that students move throughout the day with the supports necessary to be successful, achieving independence in accessing the curriculum and navigating the school environment. Physical therapists work with students in groups and individually throughout the school building, in the classrooms, and in the state-of-the-art physical therapy gym.

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