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Join us in giving thanks every week leading up to Thanksgiving with
~THANKYou Thursday ~ This week we would like to thank the POWER PLAYERS for making a gift to the P.G. Chambers School 60th Anniversary Celebration!

60TeamLdr_BROCweb (3)

Joanne Balady
Jane E. Bauer
Kelly Bretz
Maya Buono
Andrew Cruz
Christine Dam
Kristine Z. Emmitt
Chris Favorito
Tom Gargiulo
Renee and Anthony Gitto
Rosa Greenwaldt
Dennis Gustafson
Daniel Harbison
Nancy Haroldson
Chris Haroldson
Linda Kaugher
Elit and Jeff Kirschenbaum

Lindsay A. Kramer
Pui Lee
Carrie Leshin
Shamila and Ziad Malik
Sharmin and Aftab Malik
MCJ Amelior Foundation
John R. Mulhearn
Robert Pakonis
Elizabeth Paulino
Neil Paulino
Aileen Philbrick
Michael Philbrick
Sue Rehnquist
Lenka and Pavel Srnensky
Tiffany and Pavel Srnensky
Uta Totton
Angela Valerio
Laura Valerio
Michael Valerio
Andrew Waters

Want to join our list of Power Players? Celebrate 60 years of excellence through the Power of 60 Campaign. Make a gift of $6, $60, or $600, then ask 6 friends to match it! Click here to join our anniversary celebration and become a Power Player.

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