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“Most parents take communicating with their child for granted. For me, I was never quite sure if Hannah “really knew” what I was saying. Until one night during a bedtime story…

For the first time, I had a real conversation with Hannah where I would talk and she would listen – and Hannah would talk and I would listen.

You see, Hannah’s team at P.G. Chambers School worked diligently to find the best option that would allow her to communicate – her talker.

As I tucked Hannah in, I asked her if she could say “Good night,” not knowing if there was a “good night” button. Before I knew it, Hannah found the button for “sleep.” I told her how smart she was and how proud I was of her. She pressed “hug.”

I told Hannah it was time to turn out the lights and for me to bring her talker downstairs to be charged for the night. She began to cry and when I asked her “Why?” she simply pressed the “more” button, fighting back tears. I said she could have five more minutes. As I left her room she said “Thank you” and smiled at me. She fell asleep hugging her talker and I am certain we shared the exact same feelings of joy and gratitude.

– Cindy LaBar, Hannah’s Mother

You Can Help

Right now we are asking you to make a gift so that more children like Hannah can have a voice.

Through our expertise in assistive technology, P.G. Chambers School has become a statewide leader in helping children with disabilities. These disabilities affect their speech, movement, vision, hearing, and most of all – their learning. With the right technology, we are changing the way these precious children communicate, play, socialize, and explore their world.

Join the Annual Campaign – Donate Today

Please make a gift so that more children like Maria can have assistive technology that will give them voices, independent movement, and unshakable self confidence.

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Read more about Hannah’s story here.


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