April is Occupational Therapy Month!

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Each year in April, occupational therapists, host a month-long celebration showcasing the importance of Occupational Therapy (OT).   Occupational Therapy at P.G. Chambers School facilitates the students’ access to the curriculum and the physical environment. Through occupational therapy, students at P.G. Chambers School will:

  • Increase their functional independence
  • Learn and apply new skill in real situations
  • Use adapted classroom tools
  • Manage their physical and sensory environment


A student’s occupation at school is to learn and develop skills needed to succeed in life.

In celebration of OT Month and to raise awareness on the challenges and skills involved in performing everyday activities, the P.G. Chambers School OT Team invites you to choose at least 1-2 of the following tasks to complete given the following scenarios and post a comment with your experience(s):


  • Brushing your teeth using only non-dominant hand
  • Putting jacket on/putting socks/shoes on/eating using one hand
  • Navigating around your kitchen cabinets with your eyes closed (please ensure your safety during this time)
  • Communicating a short message to a friend or peer using only gestures
  • Locating items in your bag or purse with vision occluded
  • Achieve a sense of calmness or try to listen to one conversation at a time in a loud, busy, chaotic setting
  • Take a bite or taste one food that you don’t typically like
  • Spin yourself a few times around and then attempt to walk a straight line

It’s important to note that essential life skills (when broken down) address a number of cognitive, motor, communication, social, and fine motor skills; making learning fun and meaningful!

Happy Occupational Therapy Month!



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