Middle School Cafe

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By Sarah Clark, OTR

Our middle school students are discovering that planning a meal to share with friends and staff takes a lot of work!

The Middle School Café at P.G. Chambers School is a weekly program that runs throughout the school year. At the beginning of each week, students collaborate and vote on healthy recipes that they would like to make.  Each middle school classroom is responsible for one course: an appetizer, an entree, or a dessert.  The students learn how to follow a recipe and must first gather all of the supplies needed to execute the recipe from an inventory that they maintain. The students are also responsible for developing shopping lists and shopping online.  When shopping, the students learn to manage their budget, comparing prices of food items from different companies and making the best shopping choices.  Once the menu is set, a student working in the Café sends an email to all of the staff announcing the week’s menu.



 The Café is open every Friday from 11:00-11:30 and the students are responsible for setting up the Café, greeting the customers, serving the customers, taking  payments, and delivering food to specific locations within the school, as well as cleaning up the Cafe. The students count the amount of money earned weekly in the Café.



The MS Café program at P.G. Chambers School benefits students in preparing them for high school and beyond. By participating in the Café, the students are gaining:

Social skills

Executive functioning skills

Monetary management skills

Organizational skills

Leadership skills such as teamwork and responsibility

Mathematical skills

Scientific skills

Direction following skills

Computer skills

Navigation skills

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