NY Jets bring HighTech help to P.G. Chambers School

28.07.2011     PGCS   No comments

A team’s success is often measured by their total number of wins and losses. Mark Sanchez, Matt Slauson, Jamaal Westerman, Joe McKnight, Rob Turner, and Matt Kroul, of the New York Jets as well as members of the Jets organization teamed up with Teq and FrontRow to leave their mark in a different way. Beginning in 2009 with the United Way/Jets Hometown Huddle held at the school, members from the Jets team have visited P.G. Chambers School, and made gifts of state of the art recreation gear, a specialized treadmill, playground surfacing, and high tech teaching equipment. The team representatives also spend time with the students, providing them with a thrill that they will not soon forget.
In 2010, the team, through collaboration among Teq, SMART Technologies, and Front Row, facilitated the donations of several SMART Boards, two Satalite™ Learning Stations, and four Lasso Sound Systems for the school. The technology is used by the students to enhance their learning and energize their educational experiences by adding stimulating and interactive activities. At Jets Technology day in November, the children enjoyed using the equipment with members of the team, playing, JETpardy, answering questions about Jets trivia. The students and players formed teams and photos and questions were displayed on the SMART Board for the completion. A Satalite™ station was used for scoring and student, Olivia, partnered with her pal, Jamal Westerman to keep score on the board.
While the equipment’s value to the student’s education is incredible, the time the players spend with the children’s is unparalleled. The children’s faces said it all, as they played with their bigger than life celebrity heroes. As the players commented, it gives them a sense of enjoyment that really makes them feel good and keeps them coming back year after year. It is not just enough to provide enjoyment to millions of football fans; they also want to make a difference in the children’s lives. We wish our friends, the New York Jets, all the best for the upcoming season!

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