Walk.Run.Fun. 5K!

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Thank you to everyone who supported the 6th annual P.G. Chambers School Walk.Run.Fun.5K! With the help of our generous sponsors, P.G. Chambers School hosted another memorable race and we were thrilled to see so many of our community members there to participate and volunteer.


Among our participants was our own school nurse, Janet Michalowski, who brought several of her family members to the race to join in the fun. Janet shared her thoughts about the day:

61 degrees, cloudy, what a perfect day!

What a perfect day to participate in the P.G. Chambers School Walk.Run.Fun.5K at Ginty Field in Morristown! Sunday, June, 3, 2018, energy was high, families and friends were excited, and greeting each other at 7:30 in the morning. The 5K was a great culmination to our year that introduced many healthy initiatives.

As I write this post-race, I am sitting in a recliner, with my feet up, (having taken some Tylenol and Husband asleep on the couch), drinking lots of water, eagerly anticipating next year’s event and brainstorming how we can get more families to participate.

The 5K was a fantastic event that parents, grandparents, friends, and children can do together. It’s a fun way to show our children how important it is to stay active in order to stay healthy. Whether you run, jog, walk, or wheel, it is an event for everyone.

A quote from my 4 year-old grandson, “Nana, I got a medal because I ran with all my might!” You might not get a medal or even place in your age group but you are a winner for encouraging yourself and your family to stay active. What better way to stay healthy and have fun together!


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