5 Questions with Edee Levey, Assistant Director and Principal

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5 Questions with Edee Levey, Assistant Director and Principal

1. What are you thankful for this school year?

Particularly, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I am thankful for the safety of our families, students, and staff.  I have developed a deeper appreciation of the strength of communities coming together in support of others who are in need.  Our school community has extended themselves selflessly to reach out and help others who have been severely affected by the storm. The heart, strength, and kindness of our school community is truly unique.

2. In the last 5 years, what changes are you most proud of at
P.G. Chambers School?

I would say that I am most proud of our overall growth and development, and the direction of our school program.  Not only have we expanded our school program, but we have developed quality instructional programs with high expectations for our students.  Building programs to further our students’ independence, self-esteem, and self-determination have been crucial foundations for success.  I am also proud of how we have become leaders in our field by embracing technology, allowing our students to more effectively express themselves and achieve their goals. Finally, the development of partnerships with area public high schools has created new public school placement options for high school students with disabilities, including students graduating from our school.

3. What’s been your biggest challenge as principal?

It’s all about continually challenging ourselves to do better, finding better ways to connect with our students and to support our families.  That includes taking risks, knowing sometimes we will be successful and sometimes we may not.  Keeping true to the vision of what we want to accomplish, moving toward our most important goals, and helping others share the same vision remains challenging as well, but one we enthusiastically embrace.

4. What is your favorite part of your job?

When I see such positive change in our students and their families over  time, I know that our program has great benefit. Seeing where the students began and observing their progress on a short- and long-term basis is amazing and the best part of my job.

I also very much enjoy meeting and introducing families, students, and school district personnel to our school. Giving tours to those who are unfamiliar with us is a fun experience for me. The school is always abuzz with excitement; and our students, staff, and families are around every corner— in the playground, hallways, classrooms, and therapy areas—having fun and engaged in active learning.

5. What is your favorite first day of school tradition?

Meeting the school busses and seeing the happy faces of students, staff, and parents, anticipating another exciting and productive year is the best part of the first day.  I have one particular memory of the first day for twins just starting preschool. We thought we would record the students as they came off the bus on the first day of school so we could show the parents on back to school night.  Well, the twins came rumbling off the bus, ran right to my office, so fast with arms waving, they made it impossible for the camera to focus. They turned my office upside down with glee while exclaiming “toys, toys, toys and more toys!”  It was precious!

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