Good Morning P.G. Chambers School!

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Good Morning P.G. Chambers School!

Like most people, I do not like rainy days. I know the school building is going to be too hot or too cold.  I know that I am going to need an extra cup of coffee just because water is falling from the sky.  And if the temperature is even a little cold, as it was this morning, I am going to stop at the bakery for that chocolate croissant, because now I need it.

While our students may have some of these same feelings, when they walk in the doors to P.G. Chambers School this morning they are (mostly) happy and ready to learn, beaming with smiles and laughter, sleepy eyes and giggles.  Like a shot of the best cold brew in town they rejuvenate and invigorate me with how much their spirits shine.  Today I can forgo the extra cup of coffee and the croissant, energized by that spirit.  As I sit here and eat my grapes instead, I realize that the calendar is screaming toward Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for their smiles. They don’t care if it is raining; they are happy to be here and ready to learn.

When you find yourself dragging through the day, remember the smiles of our students and that the day is what you make it.

Be awesome today.


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