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P.G. Chambers School actively shares school stories, successes, and inspirations with the community through various media. Our school is also connected on  Facebook and Instagram.

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Why a Summer Program at P.G. Chambers School?

While the sun is shining and the lemonade is chilling, the students at P.G. Chambers School (PGCS) are using their summer to reinforce the achievements of the past academic year,


Be Proud of Yourself by Ryan Ahearn, PGCS Guest Blogger

Dear P.G. Chambers School Staff, It has taken me awhile to put my thoughts together to truly express what working with all of you has meant to me.  I’ve found


Music Speaks at P.G. Chambers School

Margey, P.G. Chambers School music teacher incorporates listening, playing instruments, singing, and moving into her daily music classes. Using a creative approach to music instruction, Margey adapts her lessons to


Art at P.G. Chambers School

When walking through the halls at P.G. Chambers School, my eyes were immediately drawn to the artwork decorating the walls. Art class at P.G. Chambers School, are not only therapeutic, but


NY Jets bring HighTech help to P.G. Chambers School

A team’s success is often measured by their total number of wins and losses. Mark Sanchez, Matt Slauson, Jamaal Westerman, Joe McKnight, Rob Turner, and Matt Kroul, of the New


A Voice for Everyone at P.G. Chambers School

At P.G. Chambers School, staying up to date with current technology is a priority.  In order to enhance the students’ educations as much as possible, technology is integrated into every

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