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By Sue Rehnquist

I have worked at P.G. Chambers School for 24 years in the upstairs business office, and I often have the opportunity to fill in at the front desk first thing in the morning and in the afternoons.

I wish each of you could come and sit in our beautiful lobby and see the students coming off the buses to begin their school day, eager to start and excited to see their friends. What is extraordinary, and what I wish you could observe, is how the teachers’ assistants (TAs) greet the children with such genuine HAPPINESS at seeing each one of them.

They might give a girl a compliment about her hair, or what she is wearing, or what a great smile she has that morning. When they see a boy with a team jacket on, they comment on the fact that they, too, root for the same team. They playfully tease the children and make jokes with them, along with the ever-present “high fives”. The TAs at P.G. Chambers School know all the children, not just those in their particular classroom.

And at the end of the day, when the TAs help the students on to the buses, there are no heavy sighs of relief, indicating that their very long and hard day is over. They are just as happily engaged with the children as they were first thing in the morning, saying to a student, “Don’t forget to tell your Mom and Dad how awesome you were today” or “Tomorrow we are going to be talking about plants and how things grow…you are going to love it!”

P.G. Chambers School is a very special place and it is evident right at the front door.





Meet the Staff:

Sue Rehnquist is a valued member of the P.G. Chambers School administrative staff and has worked at the school for over 24 years. Sue says what she loves most about working at PGCS is “the genuine caring of all the staff for the children.”

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